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Our Front end & Design related technological services

We are versatile in nature since we provide diverse services to our clients. We are proficient in:


We are a team who strive to revolutionise this industry with a complete end to end Frontend solutions, and AngularJS is one of our strongest areasof technological expertise, where we canhelp you with a highly reliable and flexible platformto cater to all personalised needs.


At the forefront we are providing expert Vue.js app development services to build single-page apps (SPAs), complex and progressive web apps (PWAs). Mitigating all the required proficiency with latest Vue.js libraries (cue-test-utils, Jest), backend libraries (next’s, due-sync), UX frameworks (cue-material, bootstrap-due) and tools like Vex, Vuelm and Movue


A leading ReactJS development team proficient in JavaScript,CSS, HTML, JSX, fundamentals ofJavaScript, ES6, Babel, Redux etc. Our strength lies in developing and deploying ready to use JSapps with minimum possible bundle sizes.


Over the years, UpstraApp has been marked as being a pioneer team who can help this industry with well designed and developed dynamic website, cross-platform apps with advancements of HTML5/CSS3 solutions. With the right blend of functionality, performance, and accessibility for websites, using tools or frameworks like SproutCore, EmberJS, AngularJS to name a few.


An industry leading Ionic mobile app development agency who combines AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 to unleash the completeness for your mobile app development concept. The diversified tools where we work includes Cordova, Less, SaSS,Grunt, Bower, Gulp and more to bring the touch of next-gen Ionic applications having native look at very competitive pricing structure.

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